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Dear Sir, Madam,

Although Venture Capital in Europe did not achieve such spectacular growth as in 2021, it still grew in 2022. Structural issues remain, however. Women and ethnic minorities are still underrepresented and find it difficult to raise money. To obtain a better understanding of the funding gap, IDC is conducting research among Europe's leading venture capital fund management companies. This research is being conducted on behalf of European Women in Venture Capital (EWVC) and other mission-aligned partners. This survey analyzes women’s presence in the venture capital ecosystem and the impact diversity can have on venture capital performance.

This work represents a continuation of the research efforts IDC and EWVC conducted in 2022. The goal of this 2023 research is to enhance the findings presented in the 2022 report and analyze the financial performance of female-founded, male-founded, and female- & male-founded venture capital fund management companies.

The survey should take only 15 minutes. The data will be processed anonymously and on an aggregate level only. To thank you for your participation, we will send you the full results of the research— to be freely distributed among your partners.