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PART 1: Categories

IDC Turkiye will only evaluate projects are expected to go live

between January 2020 and November 2021

If your project is part of a larger initiative with a longer timeline, please indicate the benefits that are realized within the period mentioned.

Each submission MUST be sent from a valid email address of the end-user organization (that is, the owner of the project)

Submissions can be applied in Turkish on the application form

For 2021, IDC TURKIYE will be open to submissions which align themselves to one of the categories listed.

The categories here do not reflect the final number of awards that will be distributed. Depending on the quality of submissions received, the judging committee may deem appropriate to present more than one accolade per category or withdraw an entire category altogether.

Our judging criteria puts heavy emphasis on the role of IT in each submission, and the documentation you provide should detail this clearly.

* SaaS
* IaaS/PaaS
* Cloud Transition
* Cloud Cost Efficiency
* Private Cloud

Main Benefits of Your Cloud Implementation:

  • Cost Reduction 
  • Increasing Efficiency & Agility 
  • Simplifying Operations 
  • Increasing internal & external customer experience 
  • Change Management 
  • Project Management & IT Governance (performance, resource, risk management )